Omaha Public Power District is building a new transmission line between Dodge and Washington counties. The Elkhorn River Valley Transmission Project consists of a new 161kV transmission line to be built between OPPD’s existing Substation 1226 (located near Hwy 91 and County Road 27) west of Blair, Nebraska and OPPD's existing Substation 991 (located on U Boulevard and S. County Road 26) east of Fremont, Nebraska. A new 69kV line will be built between existing Substation 991 and Fremont Department of Utilities existing Substation B (located on North Luther Road and US 30) in Northeast Fremont. OPPD and Fremont Department of Utilities worked together to route and site these transmission lines. OPPD will construct, own and maintain the lines.

The Purpose of the Elkhorn River Valley Transmission Line is to:

arrow.png Grow Demand for Electricity: Provide new capacity needed to serve new customer growth for both OPPD and Fremont in and around the Fremont area.

money.png Provide Economic Development Opportunity: Enhance economic development opportunities in the area, by providing the necessary capacity to support new and expanding businesses and residential growth.

check.png Improve Reliability: Improve system reliability on both the OPPD and the Fremont transmission systems. This project is a Southwest Power Pool reliability project.

energyIcons.png  Increase Future Opportunities for Energy Diversity: Augment Fremont's ability to diversify energy import options including additional renewables.

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Winter 2018
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This map indicates the alignment of the final route. 


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Updated 1/16/18