About the Project

Omaha Public Power District is building a new transmission line between Dodge and Washington counties. The Elkhorn River Valley Transmission Project consists of a new 161kV transmission line to be built between OPPD’s existing Substation 1226 (located near Hwy 91 and County Road 27) west of Blair, Nebraska and OPPD's existing Substation 991 (located on U Boulevard and S. County Road 26) east of Fremont, Nebraska. A new 69kV line will be built between existing Substation 991 and Fremont Department of Utilities existing Substation B (located on North Luther Road and US 30) in Northeast Fremont.  

This project began in January 2015 and is currently in the right-of-way activities phase. After over a year of planning, receiving input from the public, landowners, interested stakeholders, and agencies, we determined the location of the final route alignment and presented it to the impacted landowners in December 2016 at public hearings in both Washington and Dodge Counties.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee & Agency Consultation

At each phase of the routing process, we solicited input and feedback from the project’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee. This group was identified to help provide counsel about the community and impact this project might have. The group was comprised of local elected officials, agency representatives, economic development representatives, larger agricultural operators, and landowners.

Local, state, and federal agencies have also been consulted throughout the project. The goal of this consultation process is to determine a location for the route that is environmentally sensitive while also being cost effective.

Project Purpose

This Project is needed to improve system reliability on both the OPPD and Fremont transmission systems. It will improve Fremont Department of Utilities flexibility for planned outages and augment their ability to diversify their energy options, which includes renewables. As a Southwest Power Pool project, the Elkhorn River Valley Transmission Project will provide the necessary reliability and capacity needed to serve future growth for both OPPD and Fremont customers, and enhance economic development opportunities in and around the Fremont area.

Project Schedule

Project Schedule

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Updated 2/14/17