Project Map


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Updated 2/14/17


Phase 1 - Study Area

During Phase 1, we presented the Project Study Area. To download a map of the Project Study area, click here.

Phase 2 - Route Segment Identification

During Phase 2, we identified a network of potential route segments and asked the public for input on individual segments.  To download a map of the Route Segments, click here

Phase 3 - Route Options

During this Phase, we completed route options for public and landowner input. To download a map of the Proposed Route Options, click here. This was the last phase for public input prior to the final route determination. The final route was announced in December 2015.

Phase 4 - Final Route

The project team presented the final alignment of the route to the public and held public hearings to answer questions and receive comments. Thirty days following the hearings, the right-of-way process began and now land agents are working with all directly impacted landowners to acquire easements.