The Routing Process

How was your input used throughout the routing process?

Information gathered throughout the routing process provided valuable insight regarding properties, constraints and opportunities, and impacts to landowners. We are appreciative of all landowners for their cooperation throughout this process.

At the hearings we presented the final route alignment for the transmission lines. Visit the Events page to learn more about the meetings. 

Throughout the routing process, the following criteria were used to determine the most appropriate and responsible power line route:

  • Airports and Airstrips
  • Businesses
  • Cemeteries
  • Churches
  • Conservation Areas
  • Constructability
  • Cost
  • Existing/Planned Utilities
  • Federal and State Lands
  • Floodplains
  • Highways
  • Historic and Archaeological Sites
  • Irrigation Systems/Center Pivots
  • New and Platted Developments
  • Railroads
  • Residences/Homes
  • Schools
  • Structures - Other
  • Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Wetlands/Waterways
  • Wooded Areas
  • Visibility of the Line
Elkhorn River Valley Transmission – Routing Process

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Check out the Events page to learn more about the upcoming  public hearings.

Updated 2/14/17