Right-of-Way Team

We have been working with most directly-impacted landowners throughout the right-of-entry acquisition process. Thank you for your continued cooperation. We are seeking easements along the route to construct nearly 23 miles of overhead transmission line.

Easement Information

  • OPPD is asking for non-exclusive rights to construct, operate and maintain the overhead electrical facilities.
  • Land use limitations in the easement area include changes to the existing grade of the property, additions of permanent structures and planting of trees. All other land use activities such as crop production and pasture can continue once the line is constructed.
  • ROW easements are permanent and recorded at the Recorder of Deeds Office in the County Courthouse, making them a matter of public record.

The ROW acquisition process will take some time as we determine what our ROW needs will be based on the design of the transmission line. As the property owner, you have the right to negotiate the offer. Negotiations allow for you to draw attention to items we may have missed during the appraisal. We will continue to work with you to reach a fair and mutually agreeable price for the easement area.

Please know that we understand the amount of time, effort, and pride you have invested in your property. We know you must have questions and possibly, even concerns. We are here to help answer and ease those concerns. We look forward to meeting with you soon! If you have immediate questions, please contact the Project hotline at (402) 590-8088 to leave a message.

Updated 2/14/17